Disque Hosting on Heroku

If you are eager to give Disque a try, get started with our hosted Disque offering. Head to our addon page on Heroku and subscribe in no time.

About Disque

Disque is a distributed and fault tolerant message broker with a focus on speed and reliability. It's open source, released with a BSD license, and it's in active development by Salvatore Sanfilippo, the creator of Redis. There are many client libraries that you can use to connect your applications.

Who we are

We are Redis and Disque enthusiasts and early adopters. We are using Disque in production almost since the day it came out, and we created client libraries for Ruby and Node. We also offer premium Redis support.

Michel Martens
soveran → twitter / github
Damian Janowski
djanowski → twitter / github

Get in touch

Send us an email to info@tynd.co if you want to know more.